about Rebaz


Rebaz Mohammed is 21 year old Professional Football freestyler based in West Bromwich, England, UK

He was born in Kurdistan where football is the main sport and he played football all his life and his only mission was to become a professional football player, He move to the UK at the age of 16 and quickly adapted to the way football was played in the country and he played at the SEMI-PRO level for 3 years until he found his new passion through YouTube videos which made him quit regular football to pursue his new career!

Fast forward few years later, now he does Freestyle Professionally and is one of the best freestylers in the UK, this has been proven by him entering his first national UK CHAMPIONSHIP in May 2017 and ending up in top 5 out of all the competitors. He is now training constantly to get to the world class level to be able to represent both UK/Kurdistan at international competitions.

Rebaz is also one of the most experienced freestylers in the UK when it comes to entertaining the crowd, he has performed his skills all over the country and is always trying to inspire new people to take up this relatively new and beautiful sport through his live performances.